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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and private way for couples to resolve issues. Mediation is a structured and supported negotiation with the guidance of a trained neutral professional. Mediation gives you an opportunity to resolve sensitive disputes in a confidential setting. As your mediator, I help both of you identify your concerns, gather the information necessary to make fully informed decisions and assist in resolving your issues. Because I am a seasoned lawyer-mediator, I am able to identify tax issues, recognize that incomes change over time and build in protection so that you have a truly durable agreement.

What Do We Pay Attention To?

We listen and pay close attention to your needs, interests and concerns and what you envision as a best possible outcome.

We pay attention to your children – their ages and developmental stages, their personalities and what you see as their concerns.

We will exchange and review all relevant financial information, making sure there is full disclosure and complete understanding.

We will look at the legal issues and understand a legal framework. When you are fully informed, you can choose to follow a legal framework or to deviate from it if another settlement fits your family better. This is your family and your agreement; your needs and interests will be paid attention to.

Legal Consultation

Each of you will have an opportunity to consult with an individual lawyer to give you legal advice at any time during the Mediation. As your Mediator, I cannot tell either of you what you should or shouldn’t do and must maintain my neutrality. I work diligently with you so that the safe container of the Mediation setting is preserved.

Allied Professional and Co-Mediation

An Allied Professionals can be added – either by referral or as a co-mediator if circumstances warrant. I have worked with Financial Neutrals and Mental Health and Child Specialist Neutrals to support couples in Mediation to great success.

The goal of Mediation is to give you a safe and positive space to work together to design a settlement, tailored for your family. We work together so that you both can be at your best to craft your own agreement, rather than delegating authority to a judge you don’t know and who doesn’t know you.

Yes, the Mediation Process be Used for More than Divorce

In addition to divorce, the Mediation Process is appropriate for non-marital relationship agreements and break-ups, child custody and other parenting issues and modifications. The professionals work together to minimize conflict and help you focus on what matters most.

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