Divorce intelligently and creatively, considerate for one another and your children.
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Consultation for Individuals

Choose the Right Process

I work as a consultant to help couples and individuals decide what process choice may work best for them. I am uniquely qualified to help you understand your choices and to select the process and the professionals, that can best help you achieve your goals.

While my main focus is on helping you find a way to resolve issues outside of the court system, I know there are times when it may be necessary to go to court. As a consultant, I can help you choose the best professionals for your particular situation.

Providing a Second Opinion

I work as a consulting lawyer to give legal advice to you if you have chosen the mediation process with another mediator.

If you are in a Collaborative Divorce and seek a second opinion during the process or before signing an Agreement, I can help.

Unbundled Legal Services

I appreciate that not all people facing divorce need or can afford to have a lawyer handle all aspects of their divorce. One way to limit lawyer involvement (and reduce legal fees) is to limit the things you ask your lawyer to do for you. Sometimes, clients can be well-served, even if they limit the scope of my work. Here are some examples:

  • You and your spouse reach a full agreement (either through mediation or on your own) and want a lawyer to simply draft the final paperwork.
  • Another lawyer drafts the divorce paperwork and you just need a lawyer to review that agreement in your behalf.
  • You are in mediation with your spouse and you need someone to give you legal advice in between mediation sessions, (or even during the mediation sessions.).

Consultation for Lawyers, Mediators and Allied Professionals

Coaching Consultation

I work as a coaching consultant to assist professionals engaged in Mediation or Collaborative Family Law. Sometimes, a case gets “stuck” and with focused conversations, we can work through the impasse.


If you or your organization is in need of professional training or a speaker about Collaborative Family Law, I am available to help.

I have conducted many trainings around the United States and Canada for professionals just starting to get involved in the Collaborative process, as well as advanced trainings for those wishing to take their professional skills to the next level.

Contact Me

With over 40 years of experience representing clients throughout the divorce process, I can help you decide whether Mediation or Collaborative Divorce is right for you.

I offer a free 30-minute Zoom consultation to individuals or couples about “process choice” to help you decide.

You can each my Rochester law offices by email or by calling CALL.